Our story begins with our first rescue dog, Moe, who was diagnosed with early-onset arthritis. When we asked the vet for advice he told us that the best we could do was to be careful with him. Ever the optimists, we went in search of a more satisfying solution.

With guidance from a biochemist, we changed Moe’s diet. We started cooking all of his food at home using our Original Recipe which was designed to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. Within weeks he was more active, pain-free, and his coat had become shiny and full.

Several years after Moe we adopted Mocha and Lena, about a year apart. 

Mocha had been previously used for backyard breeding and came to us with an inflamed stomach and low energy, from poor nutrition. We were told that she didn’t much care for walks but we later realized that was only because she didn’t have the energy for them, due to the lack of proper nutrients. Within no time, she had the energy of a teenage dog, she started going on runs and needed the daily walks to keep her energy levels at bay. 

Lena had been used for breeding in a puppy mill which unfortunately left her horribly emaciated and shellshocked to any and all human interactions. It took her time but because the food is so hard for the best of sniffers to resist, we were able to use it as a platform to develop trust with her while also convincing her to eat rather than starve herself to death (which she was determined to do when we first adopted her).   Slowly but surely she started to fill out and even expressed excitement for food and human company.

We have used variations of our recipe for rescue dogs who are predisposed to pancreatitis, have poor digestive tracts, emaciated and overweight dogs, old dogs, post-pregnancy dogs, and even one with cancer. For each one, we saw drastic changes in their demeanors, energy levels, coats, and general well-being. What we ultimately learned was that it was less about which recipe each dog received and more about the quality of the ingredients and balance of nutrients compared to other dog foods on the market. 

Once our friends and neighbors started to ask “how” and “what” our secret was, we decided it was time to share our food with others.

Since our driving forces through this whole adventure have been the rescues, it’s our long term goal to give back to them and shelters to the best of our ability. Our dream is to be able to supply shelters with a lifetime’s worth of food for dogs coming into their care to start the rehabilitation process before being adopted out to their forever homes.