Elzie’s formulations are both veterinarian and biochemist approved and backed, to ensure your dog is receiving balanced and quality nutrition.

ELZIE'S is a shelf stable product that can last in your pantry (or cool, dry, storage) for months and will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator or freezer, from the time the seal is broken.

Depending on your dog’s lifestyle (highly active or less active) you will be directed to meals that will best suit them for their age and activity level.

We believe in feeding our dogs food that is fit to be served on a human dining table. We ensure our quality by carefully sourcing our products as well as creating a shelf stable product by both lightly cooking AND freeze drying our recipes to avoid many of the concerns that consumers have about raw dog food. Our meat is sourced from farmers who believe as we do, that all animals should be treated humanely. Our mission is to source our ingredients from farmers who value the importance of free-range, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and cruelty-free treatment.

We also are not supportive of sourcing our meat from animals that have died from organ failure, infection, heavy metal poisoning, or accidental death.

We aim to support your dog’s peak digestion, which in turn supports organ health and makes for a happier, healthier and strong dog.

Free-range animals live life with exercise, fresh air, and the freedom to roam. In many cases (not all!) “cage-free” animals are not caged but live in crowded “open” confinement (barns or sheds) that limit space which can lead to fights, sores, malnutrition, depression, and rapid spread of infection.

Upon arrival, store Elzie’s in a temperate dry place for a prolonged shelf life.

We stand by our Satisfaction Guaranteed. Elzie's is returnable within 30 calendar days of purchase. For a full money refund, please donate your remaining Elzie's food to your local shelter or box it up and return it to Elzie's housing facility. For more information and instructions, please reach out to returns@elzies.com

Yes, please send us an email to let us know at least one week prior to the shipping date if you would like to skip that order.

Reach out to ambassadors@elzies.com to learn more about how to earn anywhere from $3000-$10,000 per year from ELZIE'S commissions.

At the time of ELZIE'S birth, there was no other competitor that was both gently cooked (to alleviate the concerns of RAW food) and freeze dried (to create shelf stability, travel ease, and quality emergency preparedness). ELZIE'S surpasses all standards of quality for canine food and is frequently taste tested by the founders to ensure consistency, quality, and preservation of standards as the company grows (visit https://www.instagram.com/p/C0O4pltu_pY/ for more content). ELZIE'S was built by two sisters whose core passions are their dogs and their health.

All orders ship out within 48 hours of entry Monday-Friday.

As long as your order is within the United States (at this time, this is excluding Hawaii and Alaska), we would be happy to help plan to have your order meet you at your travel location.